RajkumarMusic.ComA Musical Journey


My Life

Like every average human being I also stared my life in the lap of nature which seemed to be full of discordant sounds. The notes of melody were unknown to me then. Life went on. Nature taught me the ability to find out the musical gaiety land over here, in this mundane Earth. I found myself blessed as music chose me to give the wings of imagination and now I can say that without music life would be a mistake. The journey from an average human being who was unaware of the harmony of those discordant sounds to today’s Rajkumar Roy, the singer, composer, lyricist and music director is incredible but not easy. The path was uneven indeed. The songs of my idols Ajay Chakrobarty, Manna Dey, Jagjit singh ,ustad Rashid Khan kept on supplying oxygen to the plant which had thirst for music inside me. Some respected persons came into my life to play the roles of philosopher’s stone in my life. Late Maya Sen, late Subhas Chowdhury, late Soilen Das, Sunil Mallick from whom I learned Tagore’s song, Amar Paul ,late Dinendra Chowdhury, late Bisnopodo Das and Avijit Das who taught me Folk song, Anal Chattapadhaya who taught me modern song, Sikha Basu who taught me Atulprasad and D.L.Roy’s song,late Sukumar Mitra from whom I learned Nazrul’s song, Acharya Jayanta Basu who taught me Indian classical song are those great personalities who contributed a lot to grow my musical skill. My hard work and devotion made ‘success’ to turn her affectionate eyes towards me.
I felt highly honoured to receive the award and scholarship from state government for my skill in Tagore and Atulprasad-Rajanikant songs. National award from H.R.D Department for Folk song encouraged me a lot.

My Awards

My Albums

I started my research on Bengali Folk song and worked for many soap operas. Finally I succeeded to be known as a professional playback singer. It was a dream cherished in my heart from time unknown. I sang for a band named ‘Geyo’, ‘Kakka he kaka’ is a hit song to be heard in F.M. my albums are ‘Roddur Makhi Aye’(Cozmik harmony Production),’Jagriti Prana’(Genesis Records Production),’ Folk Fida’(Genesis Records Production), ‘Boitalik’(Cozmik Harmony Production),’ Rahi’(Cozmik Harmony Production), ‘Sobuj Sokal’(Raga Music),Tagore Song(Dhoom Music) in unplugged form, ‘Joy Joy Ma’(T-Series),’Kali kali’ a music video (T-Series),’Nobo Arunodoy’(Dhoom Music) etc. My upcoming album is ‘Folk with Classical Instrument’.
I once heard than wisdom increases when it is shared with others. So I chose teaching music as a profession out of love and I have been teaching for twenty years. It is an enriching experience in sharing my view with upcoming generation. Some of my students ,who have proved themselves to be worthy disciples of Devi Saraswati and I am highly pleased to show them the right path ,have performed in ‘Saregamapa’ and ‘Indradhanu’ etc.

As a Teacher

As a Music Composer

I got golden opportunity to work with very talented singers like Indrani Sen, Monomoy Bhattacharya, Swagata Dey, Pallab Ghosh, Suvankar Vaskar. I hope I will be able to reach my listeners more easily through my site. I wish to walk on this path of music through out of my life with applause ,honest criticism and support of my listeners.